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Rich Industries, Inc. designs and builds all tooling in-house in order to efficiently manufacture stamped and formed parts, ranging from individual prototypes to large quantities. We choose in-house building for its effective ability to gradually adapt to changing conditions in the manufacturing arena. Today’s business world calls for goals to be achieved within a short period of time; with over 50 years experience, Rich Industries has what it takes to get your project designed, on the line, and completed in a cost-effective amount of time that meets your needs.

Our Punch Presses go up to 200 tons.

Rich Industries also makes wire forms, torsion springs, extension springs, compression springs, and double torsion springs.

Assemblies, wire forms up to .500 thick.

Stampings start at .003 and go up to .187 thick


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Rich Industries, Metal Stamping, ChicagoRich Industries, Metal Stamping, Chicago